About Lucky Ranch Foraging

Reilly Steidle (Owner/Ranch Manager)

My name is Reilly and I am the Manager of The Lucky Ranch in Evergreen. My horses and I live here full-time, and work hard to restore the ranch while paying homage to the lands’ history. Before Mike Fuentes purchased the property, it was part of the Anderson Homestead, and going back even further, this land was used by Ute tribes as sacred hunting grounds. 

I started this company with the desire to share The Lucky Ranch and all the food that naturally grows here. My lifestyle is unique and living at the ranch has allowed me to develop an intimate connection with the world around me. I am passionate about fostering a welcoming and educational environment for others to learn about nature and the ecosystem we are a part of.  

When I am not foraging or taking care of the ranch, I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Before I lived in Colorado, I was a Cytogeneticist at the Mayo Clinic and helped identify all types of cancers and other diseases. I’m a lifelong learner and have a genuine interest in identifying things and understanding how they are genetically related to one another. My curiosity under the microscope ultimately collided with my passion for being outdoors, and I now love to identify the macroscopic world through foraging.

I believe in offering a little something for everyone. For this reason, I am offering several styles of classes and events to teach people how to confidently identify plants and mushrooms, forage safely, home cultivation techniques, and permaculture. Classes are open to anyone over the age of 12 (with parent or guardian present) and all skill and interest levels are welcome!


Emily Burnett (Assistant Educator, Mushroom Enthusiast)

Emily has a background in microbiology, but has always been a lover of nature and mushrooms. Originally from the California desert, she grew up keeping horses and livestock, growing her own food, and eating what the desert had to offer (cactus fruit, anyone?). She has been in Colorado since 2018, and has since enjoyed learning the local ecology, fauna, and flora. She currently works in healthcare as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and helps out around the ranch assisting in guiding classes, coordinating events, and maintaining our website.