Log Care Instructions

Inoculated Grow Log Care Instructions 

Please keep in mind that this is a natural process and success of the mushroom crops depend on many factors such as stored nutrient levels within the log, size of the log, and growing conditions. Most logs will need at least 5 months, but may take over a year for larger logs to become fully colonized and ready to fruit. For logs inoculated in the summer, your first flush may be ready by fall, but since most logs will go dormant over the winter, you may not get mushrooms until spring.  

Where to put your log: 

Logs should be kept in a shaded, or partially shaded area, and out of direct sunlight. The log should not be laid directly on the ground until the mushroom mycelium has a chance to fully colonize, but can be leaned against a fence or tree. Logs can also be elevated with rocks or bricks.

Keep your log from drying out: 

It is best to keep your logs in a place where they can receive natural rainfall. If your log is not getting regular rain, you may want to sprinkle your logs to prevent them from drying out. Watering heavily and infrequently is preferred; this allows the water to really get into the logs, while also letting the surface dry out between waterings. Check on the logs about once every 1-2 weeks during the warmer months, especially during periods of little to no rain. If the logs feel dried out or are light in weight, give them a good soak. If the logs get too dry, they may be submerged in a large tub. 

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